Guidance for the wild women

traditional celtic cross tarot

Immerse yourself in the Beauty of Your Destiny and the Timeless Wisdom of the Celtic Cross Tarot.
reconnect with your spirit guides

Get some insights from your Spirit Guides with the Traditional Celtic Cross Tarot

Tarot Based on Synchronicity:

You are exactly where you need to be, at the perfect moment, receiving messages meant for you, guided by synchronicity and energy.

get some insights from your spirit guides.

Your Personal Energy Tarot Reading

In our Personal Tarot Reading, I incorporate your questions and concerns into the energy flow, channeling the wisdom of your spirit guides to provide guidance and insights.

The Celtic Cross offers...
Present and Challenges

The Celtic Cross Tarot provides insights into the current situation and the challenges associated with it.


It indicates which energies or forces are crossing and potentially impacting you and the situation.

Conscious and

The reading illuminates conscious and unconscious influences, offering deeper insights into underlying dynamics.

in the Future

It provides you a glimpse into potential future events and developments based on current circumstances and decisions.

Woodblock Print 'La Loba'
by Jaclyn E. Atkinson

it is said that ...

if you wander the desert, and it is near sundown, and you are perhaps a little bit lost, and certainly tired, that you are lucky, for La Loba may take a liking to you and show you something — something of the soul.
La Loba, the Bone Woman
from Women who Run with the Wolves,
by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

thank you to my
beautiful wild souls

traditional celtic cross tarot reading

This Includes:
✨ 30 min. of individual Tarot Insights
⚔️ The powerful Celtic Cross Tarot
🖤 With your specific Question
✨ 2 Clarifying cards for more details
🌗 A journey into your emotions
💫 Clarity & insight about your life
🖤 Honest and confidential guidance
Choose between two options:
It's your choice:

1:1 Reading with Sylvia
Online via Zoom

Do you like to personalize your concerns or questions and engage in a conversation with Sylvia during the reading? Then the personal online reading is perfect for you.

*Limited Slots available.

Your Reading as an
Audio Recording via WhatsApp

Do you want to be flexible with time and listen to the reading again and use it as a guidance for the upcoming weeks? Then the audio recording via WhatsApp is the best option for you.

*Limited Slots available.

*Limited Slots available.

this is how it works

1. Book your reading

To book your reading, you will be redirected to Stripe.

2. Ask your question

There are two ways to submit your question to me.

Option A: You can pose your question in the order form on Stripe.

Option B: You can send me your question via voice message on my Instagramaccount @lalobaconnection.

3. Receive Your Reading

You will be notified via email ( about the publication of your reading within 24 hours and will receive your login details, which will be valid for 7 days.

4. Clearing the Cards

Once you've seen the reading, you can ask me two questions that I will clarify for you, either via email ( or through a voice message on Instagram @lalobaconnection.

*Limited Slots available.